Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Las Vegas

Steve and I went to Vegas!! We left last Friday. Although the trip wasn't perfect (the Desperados were not playing in the Arena Bowl, which was held in Las Vegas) we had a wonderful time. We had been hoping to win both playoff games and head to Las Vegas earlier in the week, but our plans changed after a devastating loss to the Orlando Predators on Sunday. We decided to go out anyway since our buddies Wes and Laura were going to go. We had so much fun!! We stayed at New York, New York - it was really nice. Friday we went to go see David Copperfield. It was an amazing show!!! We had incredible seats - 3rd row, middle of the stage. Saturday we went to a skills competition to support our friends Carlos and Clint in their kicking and quarterback challenges. Sunday we went to the Arena Bowl. I learned how to play Roulette - very fun!! Steve and I left with their money!!! We came home on Monday and picked Macie up. She had a great time with Mimi and PawPaw!!


swatterson said...

So glad you got to get away for a while! How fun! I love Roulette...it was my fav. thing in Vegas!